Melted Blow Pop Sculpture #3

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Melting Blow Pop Sculpture #3 is candy apple red. It is a solid color with no glitter blast. It sits on a 5in tall by 3in wide by 3in thick, black and silver painted, solid ash wood block.

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Cast Resin Sculptures are new for 2018! First appearing in September with adorable melting blow pops that are sure to be a huge hit! These glossy display pieces measure about 5in high by 5in wide by 4in deep or so but if you include the solid ash wood block display and the popsicles stick, the height jumps to 12-15in. The ash blocks are painted with varying colors, glitters or stains and vary in size from 3in square to 3in wide 3in deep x 5in tall and are subject to change, likely becoming slightly larger with the next batch. Sculptures are shipped in 3 separate pieces so some easy assembly is required. These things are sweet and an amazing addition to not just my own portfolio of work but all Gavyn Sky collections! Collectors might want to act quick when they “pop” up because demand is likely to exceed the handful produced each month. Enter promo code LOCAL during checkout if you do not need shipping and save 10% off this and any purchase at!

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 15 in


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